Do people love your startup?

Been doing surveys and stuff, lately with just one question fueling one metric, the Net Promoter Score.

How likely are you to recommend [company or product] to your friends and colleagues?

Basically you ask this simple question with a 1-10 rating scale for the answer then you group the results into the following buckets:

  • Promoters rated 9 or 10: These people love you
  • Passives rated 7 or 8: They could go either way
  • Detractors rated 6 or lower: Better find out why

NPS Score Visualization

This is extremely helpful in understanding how good your product really is. Combined with grouping the answers by your user segments1 you can nail down target demographics that will be your most loyal advocates and easiest sells.

1Here are some common user segments you could look at:

  • Users by the month that they first joined
  • Users who came from different acquisition channels
  • Users who have done a specific activity